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Since 1982

Jim Maierle undoubtedly learned many things from his father. Judging by their careers, finding solutions to solve problems was probably at the top of the list.

When Jim’s dad, Joe, formed Helena-based engineering firm, Morrison-Maierle with John Morrison, Sr., he designed solutions that solved many of Montana’s engineering problems with roads, highways, bridges, and beyond. Jim, with his expertise in technology and business was no different than his dad when it came to solving problems.

As a member of Morrison-Maierle’s accounting department, Jim and his team knew there had to be a more efficient way to keep the books up to date. The firm was rapidly growing and they needed a way to automate the accounting procedures. So in 1982, they developed an accounting software program that met the needs of the firm. Jim and his team pushed this effort one step further: they formed Morrison-Maierle Systems and decided to sell the program to other businesses. At the same time, they developed a way to provide customer-support services to these clients, which helped the company become what it is today.

Morrison-Maierle Systems – now known as Systems Technology Consultants – followed the example Jim set more than 30 years ago. Systems has built its reputation on listening to its clients’ needs and exploring the best, most cost-effective ways to provide sound technology solutions. As the most established technology firm in Montana, Systems is well versed in today’s computer technologies and creates solutions for businesses in virtually every industry.