Case Study: Manhattan Bank

Manhattan Bank in Manhattan Montana

With our solutions, Manhattan Bank was able to fully achieve their business goals. In addition to optimizing their Active Directory Centralized Management and providing Messaging and Collaboration Services, Systems implemented the following:

  1. Migration of Novell eDirectory Services.
  2. Migration of Novell File Server(s).
  3. Migration of End‐Users Desktop, remote locations.
  4. Phasing out old Application Servers.
  5. Replacing the legacy backup solution


1) Directory Services:

Manhattan Bank’s Directory Services Infrastructure was running on Novell NetWare eDirectory Services 6.5.x version, which was no longer fulfilling the need for efficient management or compliance with the overall concept of Centralized Management. With the support limitations for the antiquated Novell Netware operating system, Manhattan Bank had determined that it was necessary to migrate to a Windows Active Directory Domain.


  1. Installed Active Directory Domain Services instances in the Central office and all remote sites. Migrated all Users from Novell eDirectory Services to Active Directory Domain Service.
  2. Designed and configured a sound Core Systems Network Infrastructure for Name Resolution, such a Domain Naming Service (DNS), NetBIOS Naming Service and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Services (DHCP), which covers all offices and locations.
  3. Migrated Novell NetWare File Server and Windows File Server to Windows Server 2008 R2 Server.
  4. Assessed and recommended a solution to offer the ability to manage workstations and install applications on all workstations in each geographically-dispersed location.
  5. Installed and configured Distributed File Systems (DFS) with one-way replication from branch offices to the main site for ease of backup and redundancy.
  6. Designed and implemented an image-based backup solution to allow for quick restoration of services.


Manhattan Bank now has the ability to more accurately and securely manage its IT environment, adjust operational requirements, and implement change effectively.

Additional advantages include image-based backups that offer full restores faster, the ability to restore individual files, or bare metal restores (BMR), easily verify images, boot virtual machines, and run remote offices. Image-based backup has become an integral component of Manhattan Banks’ business continuity solution.