Case Study: Montana Rescue Mission

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Montana Rescue Mission is non-profit organization with several satellite offices. Maintaining a secure and efficient IT infrastructure is vital to MRM’s operations and clients.


Before working with Systems, MRM had an overwhelmed IT provider which led to cumbersome technology processes. Employees in the main office struggled with a wide variety of frustrating IT issues, and remote offices had ongoing continual access problems. Outdated office technology and an array of different operating systems resulted in user frustration and elevated security risks. MRM turned to Systems to take over their network management and create a safe, stable technology environment for all users.


  • Refresh the network
  • Update hardware and software
  • Increase data security
  • Eliminate end of life Microsoft XP
  • Implement Systems’ COMPLETE Managed Services


MRM’s biggest struggle was their inability to cover all of their IT needs within the framework of a non-profit.  After evaluating their issues and seeing the need for a dedicated and supportive IT staff, Systems recommended our Managed Services Solution. This comprehensive package includes a support team for all hardware and software with an easily accessible end-user helpdesk and ensures 24/7 backup support to keep systems up for all employees. The solution provides proactive monitoring, maintenance, remote guidance and on-site remediation. The great value in this proactive bundle is that it effectively solves and prevents all network problems through regular virtual CIO (vCIO) meetings that review network health and technology changes. These conversations provide insight into how future changes in technology impact existing IT infrastructure and employee processes.

Updating the System

Employees at MRM’s main office were utilizing diverse workstations and applications from multiple providers. Most computers were between one and five years old and the installed operating systems varied, which led to apps missing updates. Critical apps like Microsoft Exchange (which hosted some email) had not been managed, causing major concerns and issues for staff. MRM Email was housed in three separate locations. Some employees were using ISP provided mail services, and others an in-house Exchange server, while a few employees had resorted to using their personal email accounts for business communication.

To directly address this issue, Systems recommended a phased approach to replacing all Windows XP computers. To help put other hardware-related issues to rest, vCIO consulting was implemented to determine what standard configurations best suited the office and which devices should be used to best meet every user’s workflow needs.

Securing Devices

A server migration and phased approach to upgrading all MS Windows 2003 Servers was chosen to help fix these issues. This would take care of unprotected devices and systems with expired security software. This plan also considered MRM’s budget, compliance regulations, and minimal staff disruption, making the process as smooth as possible for the organization and its employees.

Solutions Package:

  • Network & Connectivity Repair
  • Remote Office Connectivity configuration
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Updates & Patches
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Priority Response Times
  • Uptime Guarantees
  • Preventative Maintenance


With Systems’ Managed Services plan, MRM’s data is more secure and their office technology workflow is streamlined and efficient. Employees now experience more capabilities with updated computers, causing less frustration within the organization. Now, MRM leaders are less stressed and can rest easy knowing their IT infrastructure is completely taken care of and their concerns are addressed and resolved promptly and professionally.