The Source Newsletter June 2018

5 mobile threats you should shut down in 2018 used with permission from Tektonika (HP) Mobile devices are now a staple of the workplace, as ubiquitous as open floor plans and videoconferencing. Enabling employees to work from their mobile devices can even boost satisfaction, productivity, creativity, loyalty, and engagement—that’s quite a list of benefits. However, embracing these upsides also requires paying attention to the downside: mobile threats. Given the sheer volume and value of sensitive data on employee devices, mobile security needs to be an IT priority. Every time an employee accesses corporate data from a smartphone, they put the entire network at risk—unless properRead More →


We live in a connected world where we must share sensitive, identifying information regularly in exchange for services. If you’re accessing government or medical services, you’ll be sharing your PII (Personally Identifying Information). If you’re shopping, you’re sharing your credit card number. And so on! Safely transferring and storing sensitive data affects us all. How you can you verify that you’re sharing and transferring sensitive data well? Follow these three steps: Verify the recipient. Don’t send to the wrong person! Verify the data. You don’t want to send the wrong data, even if it’s to the right person. Verify the method. Transfer data according toRead More →

The Source Newsletter April 2018

Times are changing! You wouldn’t open your door to a criminal – don’t open your email “door” either. Systems is seeing a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks recently across all business types and sizes. Even with a best-in-class, layered and monitored security model, the risk of ransomware attack is present. This is because the last and most important line of defense is the end user. Read More Don’t sweep IoT security and training under the rug used with permission from Tektonika (HP) by Karen Gilleland When you drive home, your garage door opens as you arrive. That toy bear Santa gave your kids talks andRead More →

Using LinkedIn Safely

LinkedIn is the social network for the business world — whether you’re a professional highlighting your skills and work history, or a company networking with other businesses or advertising open positions. Like any social network, there are security concerns you should look out for on LinkedIn’s platform. Make sure you are using LinkedIn Safely! Look out for fake profiles. There are scams out there that will invite you to connect on LinkedIn in an attempt to access your sensitive information. Look for spelling and grammar mistakes, strange names or fake looking profile pictures, or a work history that just doesn’t add up. Look for signsRead More →

Cyber Security in the Workplace

How important is Cybersecurity in the Workplace? In our increasingly Internet-connected world, all businesses now need to ensure their sensitive data and networks are secure. Human error is the biggest weakness that cyber attacks exploit, which means every person in the workplace has a role to play in security. Here are some tips for safe habits that any employee can start practicing today: Use strong passwords (longer is better!) and change them regularly. Keep your sensitive login credentials private. Be very wary of opening emails and attachments from sources that you don’t recognize. Don’t install software or connect hardware to your business’s network without permission.Read More →