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Stop Think Connect Think about how many times you have gone online in the past week. What did you do while online? Check your e-mail? Track your finances? Share pictures? Download videos? The Internet today has become an invaluable resource in both our personal and professional lives. We have access to more information than ever. With this added accessibility comes a great deal of risk and added responsibility. Cyber crime continues to be very costly for organizations and is a problem that is not going away anytime soon. The government estimates that the annual cost of cyber crime per organization spanned a range of $1.3Read More →

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Seeing threats hidden in encrypted traffic used with the permission of by Jason Deign The encryption that protects your online data can also hide malware. Detecting these harmful threats has been a problem… until now. Encryption is a valuable ally in maintaining privacy. It keeps our data safe from prying eyes. It stops people robbing our credit card details, our app usage habits, and our passwords. It has become so vital that by February this year half of all online traffic was encrypted, according to a recent report. For some types of traffic, encryption is now a legal requirement. Read More about Threats HiddenRead More →