The Source Newsletter April 2018

The Source Newsletter April 2018

ransomware attack via email

Times are changing!

You wouldn’t open your door to a criminal – don’t open your email “door” either.

Systems is seeing a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks recently across all business types and sizes.

Even with a best-in-class, layered and monitored security model, the risk of ransomware attack is present. This is because the last and most important line of defense is the end user.

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IoT Security internet of Things

Don’t sweep IoT security and training under the rug

used with permission from Tektonika (HP)
by Karen Gilleland

When you drive home, your garage door opens as you arrive. That toy bear Santa gave your kids talks and sounds just like you. Your smart wristwatch keeps tabs on your heart rate. You love the IoT world as much as everyone else, but most people are blissfully unaware of the need for IoT security and security training—until their data gets hacked.

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Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook

Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook

Did you know there are shortcuts for common actions in Outlook?

Instead of hunting for the right buttons, just hit these keyboard shortcuts.

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Windows 10 Clear Your Workspace heading

Windows 10 Tip: Clear your workspace in two simple steps

used with permission from Windows Blogs
by Elana Pidgeon

Did you know you can easily clear your workspace in two simple steps?

To close out all the windows besides the one you’re working on, select and hold any open window, then give your mouse a back-and-forth shake

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Using LinkedIn Safely

Business Continuity Tip: Using LinkedIn Safely and Securely

LinkedIn is the social network for the business world — whether you’re a professional highlighting your skills and work history, or a company networking with other businesses or advertising open positions. Like any social network, there are security concerns you should look out for on LinkedIn’s platform.

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