Times are changing!

ransomware attack via email

You wouldn’t open your door to a criminal – don’t open your email “door” either.

Systems is seeing a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks recently across all business types and sizes.

Even with a best-in-class, layered and monitored security model, the risk of ransomware attack is present. This is because the last and most important line of defense is the end user. The majority of ransomware attacks are delivered via email, and many businesses facilitate employee education to better ensure their protection. Systems has tools to both assess your level of risk and provide ongoing end user training to businesses. It’s important to note that many attacks are introduced into the corporate environment by employees using personal web mail at work. Corporate email filters can’t actively filter personal email accounts, and suddenly that business network is submerged into chaos.

Please remember: it’s not IF you will get hit but WHEN.

Can your business afford a 2-3 day loss in production? What about damage to the integrity of your data and possibly your reputation?

We want to make sure this is front of mind for all of your employees. Do NOT open suspicious emails, and be extremely cautious when accessing personal email at work.

Call Systems today to learn more about our end user education and risk assessment processes. At the end of the day, if your employees aren’t keeping ransomware and online security front of mind, you’ll be paying the price.”